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Men’s Cafe Racer Jacket

At Bangjackets, we know there is more to strapping on your toughest leathers than the average rider takes into account. Alike a conventional pair of jeans, they are intended not only to defend your primary impact points during a collision, or when you’re bound to place your motorbike down in the way, but also to intensify your journey.

The essential of your biker wardrobe is a leather jacket. You’ll possibly spring out here, but the topic quickly becomes cowhide or sheepskin or lambskin? Leather isn’t waterproof, but it does offer the best protection. So buy our stylish, cool jackets, the ones you want to smash in with. They are undoubtedly the do-it-all jackets for practically any biking event. Our faux jackets are commonly waterproofing, have more pockets, and have the ability to add or remove a thermal lining to regulate your temperature. Inside is warm, with quilted or viscose lining, it’ll work well on all but the very warmest days.

We say simple is best, and our jacket nails the classic leather jacket look. Designed in-house, it’s sleek, made from super high-quality leather, and comes loaded with plenty of pockets, adjustable cuffs plus well-thought-out features such as a small zip-flap to guard your motorcycle against unsightly scars.

Our unique Heritage Collection is for riders who require old-school styling with advanced protection. We compose them with classic-cut, to make jackets look great on or off the bike.

Made of sharply colored leather, our jackets flawlessly suit café racers. With our designing team, these jackets get an old-school look with new-school functions like inner and outer pockets, features stylish enough to be a part of modern fashion.

Our line of smart jackets works well on a lot of bikes, all from café racers to adventure two-wheelers. There are more jackets to choose from if you’re going around the globe, or just commuting to work in the wintertime. With our selection of the best leather, they are properly stylish and you can have one, custom-made to fit.

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