At, we love to maintain a healthy and a long-term relationship with our valuable customers. To support it, we have a 30 days simple exchange and Return policy. You can get in touch with us by email if you have any issues with the product. Furthermore, you have to register the complaint within 48 hours of accepting the package. Our customer support agents will resolve your concern within 30 days of the time frame, and you will be pleased either with a refund or exchange. No return will be engaged or considered after 30 days.

After placing your order, if you consider a change of mind before or after the jacket has shipped to your address, we can accept your request with some conditions if the demand is not fraudulent and within non-legitimate matters.

We have genuinely observed that the orders return mostly due to incorrect size selection by the customers. To reduce this in number, we always help and encourage our customers to choose the correct size. We recommend and have clearly stated on our size selection tab to recheck the measurements at the size selection menu of every product before finalizing the orders.

Refunds or exchanges are entertained only under the following

  • Return and Exchange policy is only valid up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The product is received as a defective product at your delivery spot.
  • Your received jacket or product doesn’t match your ordered description. (for example, sizes or colors not as ordered)
  • The jacket is not the same as your order. Different from your selected one. (Jackets may differ from the displayed pictures because of photo-shoot effects as they are Celebs Replica)
  • Custom size jackets & custom changes in jackets like a different color and material selection, these jackets are non-refundable.
  • The jacket must be returned in the same new condition as received, without any damages like torn, jagged, or grubby. Damaged jackets will not be accepted.
  • You are not eligible for the return process if you altered the jacket or removed the tags.
  • Customers are required to send us delivered product pictures upon request.
  • Return and exchange are accepted only if the products are shipped to the address provided by the team.
  • To create a good relationship, we may offer a partial refund offer to our valuable customers by cutting down our profit margin to satisfy them.

Return Process:

Before you choose any return or exchange any product, you must first contact our customer support representative and provide the detailed reason for return or exchange. Once we approve your application, only then can you ship back your product to us.

Return Shipping Cost

Customers are liable for the return shipping charges of the product if they decide they don’t want the product. We do not bear return shipping cost in any case unless the product is faulty.

Unless a faulty item is received, we issue refunds after deducting shipping cost even if it is FREE as we pay for the shipping from our profits. We do it as eBay and Amazon. We have initially spent $25 to $50 in shipping, depending upon the customer’s location and weight of the package.

We only allow return through the service through which we had sent the package. For example, if we had sent the package through DHL or FedEx to the customer, then we only accept the return through DHL or FedEx with a tracking ID, which is a must. We do not prefer waiting for our returned product for more than 10 Days. The low-rated courier services are not acceptable, as they are too slow in deliveries.

If we receive the item after 10 days of its return request, we have the right to deduct 15% of the total amount of order. Receiving the returned order after 20 days of the application will bring about an immediate deduction of 30% from your paid sum.  After 30 days period, we are liable to deduct 60%, and if more than 30 days will bring about an immediate deduction of 75% from the actual amount paid.

If the returning parcel is misplaced, then we are not compelled to refund any amount.

Refund Amount policy

In case is unable to deliver your replaced order or has delayed the shipment by 30 working days, or if we cannot resolve the issue and you still prefer to get a refund, you are justified to get a refund accordingly.

If we identify that the shipped product never reached you, we owe you a full refund.


Cancellation or refund cannot be arranged on previously exchanged products

If you receive the wrong size or color then we request you to kindly get this in our knowledge through email. Also, attach pictures of the jacket along with your email focusing on the size tag on the collar and the color of the jacket.

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