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Men’s Distressed Leather Coats

Our distressed leather is aniline dyed leather with an artificially faded and aged appearance in which the natural features of the hide such as healed scarsscratches, and wrinkles are regarded as a positive characteristic. Distressed leather coats are classy and in fashion for a very long period.

We develop special distressed leather coats with an excellent soft hand and drape. They have a beautiful aged distressed look due to the waxes and oils applied during the finishing process. This makes them a smart choice for that sturdy and “rough and tough” personality. The pull-up characteristics of these leather coats will also provide contrast in both luster and color. When upholstered, these coats are created so that they will give any piece an authentic aged appearance. Our designed jackets and coats have a protective clear layer that provides extra protection for excellent wearability. There has never been a time in which Distressed Leather coats were out of style.

These leather coats are unique in that they have a distressed look but it also has a fixed finish. These coats are processed using low emission mineral tanning formulas that are environmentally friendly. The hides are re-tanned simultaneously with dyes that ensure the leather is properly through-dyed. Water-based finishes are utilized to provide an even coloration and protection to the leather jackets and coats. However, when you feel how these jackets praise your outfit, you will definitely fall in love with it. That is exactly what Distressed Leather coats do for your appearance.

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